Free Arcade Miss Fortune Skin Code

In love with the old classic games theme? RIOT brings back the 80’s through 2 special skins, the first one being Arcade Miss Fortune and the second one being Arcade Hecarim. Featuring amazing pixelated graphics Arcade Miss Fortune skin bring a whole new suite to the champion. All spells have been changed, all animations and as well as all other effects, a skin that is worth the money you spend if you plan on buying it. Lets talk about each spell effects in different sentences. The Q spell called double up now fires a flashy little bulb of light instead of a bullet to the enemies. Impure shots the passive, active spell now colours your guns to a shiny yellow. The last spell make it rain now shoots stars and other graphical objects in the area compared to the bullet rain it had. Ultimate now shoots a lot of 8-bit bullets randomly coloured which is pure awesome! Even the recall, dance, joke animations and effects are different and much more funny. The splash art shows Miss Fortune as hot as she can be! Damn guys, I would definitely take her as my girlfriend anytime! Just look at those guns, arcade style guns which we’ve grown up with, as well as her special chair featuring cool arcade buttons on the left and right. I seriously do not know what Gangplank wants from her since he is sitting the back but she is all mine! Overall it is a skin filled with love and funny animations that will bring joy to your eyes. So? What are you waiting for? It’s here for you and she wants you! The code that you will get unlocks the character Miss Fortune and the skin as well. To acquire the skin you have to download your uniquely generated code by pressing the download button below.

Download Arcade Miss Fortune skin code

Download Button

Check the in-game look for Arcade Miss Fortune

arcade miss fortune in game

Copyright credits to RIOT Games

Feel free to check the 3D model of Arcade Miss Fortune skin at the link here: 3D Models

Steps to activate your skin (and champion):

  • Start League of Legends
  • Go to the store section and then click on the “Codes” tab on the left
  • Enter the code you got and there you have it

Enjoy your free skin and please share our website so your friends can hear about us! Thank you!