Free Championship Riven Skin Code

To start off my presentation with I am going to make a quick reference of the skin to the best looking warrior of all times. If you know a MMORPG game called Cabal then you know that Championship Riven looks exactly the same as the warrior character does on high level. Now, let’s talk about particular areas that RIOT succeeded when they have designed this Riven skin. The unique feature is the number two roman on the front and the back of the characters which has a lot of meaning. That symbol represents the fact that the skin is from the end of the Season 2 of the ranked leagues. Also it shows that the skin was a limited skin which could be acquired only of you were at the Season 2 Championship or if you were a gold plus player in the game ladder. The sword as it is, it’s fantastic, starting almost from scratch goes on after using the ultimate for a few seconds something like a fully loaded berserker. The armor has nice little touches including some fierce knives on it that would tear off any enemy that touches your Riven! The skin also features new particles, animations and colorful spells. Each spell has been adjusted to fit into the Season 2 atmosphere and hype. The splash art of this Championship Riven skin shows us an unbreakable champion, a ruler that breaks mountains in his path and crushes everything back to the graveyard. As a champion that is always fitted on top, you can always carry if you win the early game, but how about looking cool when you do it? Well this skin provides one of the best looking and most exclusively skins that RIOT ever released. Also we are pleased to announce that you can get your Championship Riven skin code directly from our website. We give League of Legends codes in order to make people happy, to make people spend less money on games and have more fun while being badass to anyone in their path! The code unlocks the Championship Riven skin and also the Riven champion if you do not own her. To acquire the skin you have to download your uniquely generated code by pressing the download button below.

Download Championship Riven skin code

Download Button

Check the in-game look for Championship Riven

championship riven in game

Copyright credits to RIOT Games

Feel free to check the 3D model of Championship Riven skin at the link here: 3D Models

Steps to activate your skin (and champion):

  • Start League of Legends
  • Go to the store section and then click on the “Codes” tab on the left
  • Enter the code you got and there you have it

Enjoy your free skin and please share our website so your friends can hear about us! Thank you!