Free Medieval Twitch Skin Code

Back again in the talks, now we are approaching Medieval Twitch skin which is not that hard to get if you are famous or if you have a lot of helpful friends. This skin can be obtained by referring a lot of friends and having them reach to level 10 and also be active for a long period of time. But why referring friends when you can get it almost entirely for free? First let’s talk about the skin changes (3D model, spell effects/animations and splash art). Since his first release Medieval Twitch got a rework back in 2014 so we are going to talk only about the new version of the skins which we’re pretty sure you want to hear about. The 3D model suffered big changes compared to the default Twitch champion and it pretty much looks like a rat knight from the medieval age.  It has a full armor and some fancy clothes along with some fierce full teeth’s. The spell effects are almost unchanged; he still has the same animations as usual. The splash art features a brave knight facing enemies with poisonous arrows straight from his crossbow. His nose is a good remark because it is funny; it looks like a cartoon nose. Also his clothes look a little bit like the Assassins Creed franchise clothes. If you are interested in this skin you can check on how you can gain a code and what it does exactly. The code unlocks the Medieval Twitch skin and also the Twitch champion if you do not own him. To acquire the skin you have to download your uniquely generated code by pressing the download button below and also make sure you leave a review in the comments section as well.

Download Medieval Twitch skin code

Download Button

Check the in-game look for Medieval Twitch

medieval twitch in game

Copyright credits to RIOT Games & LOLSKINSHOP

Feel free to check the 3D model of Medieval Twitch skin at the link here: 3D Models

Steps to activate your skin (and champion):

  • Start League of Legends
  • Go to the store section and then click on the “Codes” tab on the left
  • Enter the code you got and there you have it

Enjoy your free skin and please share our website so your friends can hear about us! Thank you!