Free Omega Squad Teemo Skin Code

Hello, fellow summoners! Welcome to another skin review made entirely by your very own LeagueSkinCodes team.  This time we’re going to review the newest skin in the League of Legends game, it’s called Omega Squad Teemo and it’s awesome! This skin which represents Teemo as a splinter cell double agent that could kill you in a flash is as cute and awesome as it can be. This skin changes all the particular effects and animations of the character as it is a legendary skin! Let’s talk about the changes that Teemo got using this special skin. The blindness spell that Teemo uses now throws a knife with a red aura towards his target and then it’s creating a red smoke around the eyes of the enemy. The movement speed spell W, now looks like he is dashing through the winds with some kind of superpowers. The E spell now shoots a tiny bullet that looks like a bamboo bullet that is poisoning its target. The mushrooms now look like super explosive gamma radiation tubes, and have a very big explosion effect releasing all the toxic chemicals it held. The splash art of the new Omega Squad Teemo skin is featuring Teemo in the woods with a high accuracy gun and night vision googles along with some camouflage tactics out of the army warfare. You can tell by that he is ready to hunt you down from the stealth passive spell he has. To conquer a new world and look cool at the same time we highly recommend this particular skin in your arsenal! To get it just follow a few simple steps to acquire your personal code for this skin. The code unlocks the Omega Squad Teemo skin and also the Teemo champion if you do not own him. To acquire the skin you have to download your uniquely generated code by pressing the download button below.

Download Omega Squad Teemo skin code

Download Button

Check the in-game look for Omega Squad Teemo

omega squad teemo in game

Copyright credits to RIOT Games

Feel free to check the 3D model of Omega Squad Teemo skin at the link here: 3D Models

Steps to activate your skin (and champion):

  • Start League of Legends
  • Go to the store section and then click on the “Codes” tab on the left
  • Enter the code you got and there you have it

Enjoy your free skin and please share our website so your friends can hear about us! Thank you!